World First Penis Transplant – Makes a Change From…..!

Doctors have carried out the world’s first succesful willy transplant.

They performed the surgery on a 21-year-old who lost his manhood in a botched circumcision.

A penis from a dead man was grafted on to the unnamed South African in a nine-hour operation in Cape Town.

Feel like a new manExperts said his recovery has exceeded expectations and he is already firing on all cylinders.

Prof Andre van der Merwe, who led the complex surgery in December, declared: “We’ve proved it can be done.”

The breakthrough was five years in the planning at Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital. It paves the way for more sufferers to have surgery.

Doctor Carol Cooper said: “A penis transplant is especially demanding. This should give hope to others.”

Experts think 250 men a year lose their penises after complications from bungled traditional rituals.

Fahey. J  The Sun. Sat 14th March. P. 23


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