Thug is jailed for attack on paramedics

A TEENAGER  attacked a paramedic after being caught trying to have sex in an ambulance that had been called to help a pensioner.

Kyle Hargreaves punched Michael Newman in the face three times when he was told to get out of the vehicle.

A fistThe crew were carrying their 92-year-old patient to the ambulance when they found Hargreaves, 18, lying o9n a stretcher kissing a girl.

Hargreaves became violent, snarling: “We are just trying to have sex.”

Mr Newman was treated for a black eye and a bloody nose after the incident in Grimsby.

An Ambulance Service spokesman said: “This was a disgraceful act, not only to attack an emergency ambulance crew while they were engaged on their duties and were trying to look after a patient, but it was also completely selfish and completely irresponsible because of what they were trying to use the ambulance for.

Hargreaves was jailed for 32 months at Grimsby Crown Court.

“Frontline healthcare staff can do without this sort of behaviour”

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