Thousands Dying due to NHS Errors

The Health Secretary has said that thousands of hospital patients are dying needlessly because of mistakes in care costing the National Health Service billions of pounds in damages.

Jeremy Hunt, in a speech in the US will reveal plans to cut the NHS bungles by half and save 6,000 lives over the next three years.

The minister wants, “a more open, compassionate and transparent culture” in the NHS following the Stafford Hospital scandal.

The Government is to introduce a Duty of Candour. ensuring hospitals tell patients about their errors.

With the aging population and pressure on services this will be a tall order to implement. Patients don’t have one doctor taking charge of their care and nursing staff have very little time for empathy. The feeling comes to mind that it’s just  going to be more forms and paperwork. It would interesting to know the statistics for patients discharged and end up back again after being told they are fit to go home.

This also has a knock on effect as it’s more pressure on GP’s. The health service has been losing it’s way for years through lack of consistency.

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