The Big Care Survey

The Government announced last year that it will be looking at social care reform in 2018. As part of the process, they want to hear from care users and carers so that they get a picture of what the system is like today and what the people it impacts want to see changed.

We want to hear from as many people who have experience with adult social care in England to be able to tell them what it looks like now and what needs to change, so we’ve launched a survey.

We want to hear from you if you need social care or are a carer who cares for someone who needs social care. As a carer, you may also need support yourself, and we want you to respond from your perspective too. We want to get as many voices of those impacted by the crisis in social care today, so please take the time to do our survey – it takes about 15 minutes and you can remain anonymous if you’d like to.

Care and Support Alliance

What’s the survey for?
The Government has promised to change the adult social care system in England to make it fit for the future. We want the Government to hear the experiences of people and their families who have needed adult care and support. Please take 15 minutes to complete our short survey to tell us about your experience.

What is social care?
Social care is help, care and support for people with a wide variety of needs due to disability, illness, caring responsibilities or other life situations.

It can include:
– Help with everyday tasks: washing, dressing and eating
– Care at home; living in a care home, or living in sheltered accommodation
– Home adaptations; support for people of working age to get into or stay in employment
– Support for unpaid carers or family members

How will your answers be used? 
The Care & Support Alliance will use these results as part of our campaigning work. We represent over 80 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning for a properly funded care system alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care and support.

Responses will not be used in a way to that identifies any individual or family publicly. Data given will be held securely and deleted when no longer needed. But if you would like to share your story more widely, there is an opportunity at the end to give us your contact details.

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