Muscle-wasting diseased scientist wants first ‘Head Transplant’

A TERMINALLY ill scientist has volunteered to be the world’s first head transplant patient.

Desperate Valery Spiridonov, 30, says without a new body he will die from the muscle-wasting disease that has crippled him since birth.

The Russian computer scientist is prepared to have an operation conducted by controversial Italian surgeon Dr Sergio Canavero.

The Brain

The surgeon claims he can cut off the Russian’s head and attach it to a healthy donor body.

He is currently trying to secure funding for the historic procedure.

Valery, 30, of Moscow, said: “Am I afraid? Yes, of course. But every year my state is getting worse.”

However, critics claim Dr Canavero is “nuts” and dubbed him “Dr Frankenstein”.

US brain surgeon Dr Hunt Batjer said: “I would not wish this on anyone.”

Milanian. K 2015 Daily Star  March 9th 2015.P. 23

“Blow your mind? – can’t wait for the movie!”

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