Dying from Inequality

Report (2017) by the Samaritans on Socioeconomic disadvantage and suicidal behaviour

Living in poverty shouldn’t mean losing your life. Going through difficult
times, like losing your job or being in debt, shouldn’t mean not wanting
to live. But that is what’s happening in the UK and Ireland today. Suicide
is killing the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, devastating
families and communities. This report by Samaritans, in collaboration
with leading academics, reveals why.

Since the economic recession in 2008, the UK and Ireland have
experienced economic change which has been felt across our
communities. The effect on people has been wide-ranging and
long-lasting, often well beyond the economic recovery period.
Samaritans commissioned this report to ensure a better understanding
about the association between socioeconomic disadvantage and
suicidal behaviour and what can be done.

Our vision is that fewer people die by suicide. With our free,
confidential helpline open all day, every day for anyone struggling to
cope, and our work in a whole range of different settings, including
prisons, schools, hospitals and job centres, we work hard to reach
everybody who needs us. But this isn’t enough. We won’t reduce
suicide by the provision of our services alone. We need governments
and other agencies to take action to tackle the injustice of suicide.

SamaritansEffective collaboration across central and local government and all
the local agencies which play a role will be crucial. This must include
welfare, education, housing, employment, health and finance.
Improving the lives of people from lower income groups will save
lives and untold costs for families, communities, workplaces and
the economy.

Suicide is preventable. It will take all our efforts, wherever we are, to
make sure that we reach those who are struggling to cope and most in
need of our support. While looking at the research in this area, we must
remember that, behind the figures, there are individuals who have left
behind a family and community affected by their loss. By taking action
together, we can stop people dying.

Read full report at: https://tinyurl.com/zhymgar

Disabled man took own life due to benefits ruling

Cahal Milno writing in The Independent – A coroner concluded for the first time that a man with severe mental illness killed himself as a direct result of being found “fit for work” by the Government’s disability assessors.

Michael O’Sullivan, a 60-year-old father from north London, hung himself after his disability benefits were removed despite the opinion of three doctors that he was suffering from recurrent depression and certified as unable to work by his GP.

Figures released b the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) last month showed that nearly 90 people a month died between 2011 and 2014 after being declared fit for employment following a work capability assessment (WCA).

Ministers insisted the statistics provided no basis for a link to welcome reforms but a coroner has ruled that in the case of Mr O’Sullivan the WCA and anxiety caused to him by its findings were the direct cause of his death. Mary Hassal, senior coroner for Inner London, wrote to the DWP warning that she believed there was a risk of similar future deaths and demanded preventative action.

PM David CameronIt’s official –  this guy and his cronies destroy lives

It is believed  to be the first time that a coroner has explicitly blamed suicide on the welfare reforms being spearheaded by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

Mr O’sullivan died in 2013. In its 16-page response to the coroner, the DWP admitted that its own “clear policy” that further evidence should be sought when claimants mention suicide was “regrettably not followed in this case” and it was issuing a “reminder” to staff about its guidance.

“It would not do for me ! – Judicial Review at least and find a solicitor to take it on. They killed this bloke and you can’t get better legitimate evidence than from a coroner’s investigation into a death. Iain Duncan Smith and his masters and underlings don’t give a damn”