Nearly half of GP contracts go to private sector

Be Warned – our health service is being destroyed by a creeping and systemic disease that has taken hold.

Up to 40% of NHS contracts, worth £2.3billion, have gone to private firms since David Cameron came to power.

Four out of 10 contracts for GP services, medical centres and nursing homes are being won by the private sector following the shake-up of the National Health Service, according to Labour research released today.

And the amount of private work by NHS trusts has risen by 58% in the same time.

Health ServiceResearch by the NHS Support Federation published today also concludes that the number of private firms delivering NHS care has risen dramatically. It calculated that the private care sector clinched contracts totalling more than £3.5bn in 2014/15, five times the previous year. Its conclusions follow an analysis by Imperial College London, which found that for-profit providers of GP services are outperformed by traditional GP practices.

Labour’s research shows that 40 per cent of contracts placed by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CGC), which are responsible for spending the vast majority of health spending, have been handed to private companies, compared with 41 per cent that were won by the NHS. The remainder went to charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit companies.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: “These figures show a two-tier NHS is taking place before our eyes and is accelerating.

“At a time when waiting lists are rising, hospital trusts are doing more and more private work.”

He said 50 hedge funds with investments in private health had given more than £20million to the Tories.

“Privatisation will drive a deeper and deeper wedge between the well-offs and ‘boys clubs’ running and supposedly serving the UK and ‘Joe Bloggs’ (working class, vulnerable elderly and disabled people).

Doctors, solicitors, lawyers etc are not going to miss out – are they? – sour grapes – dead right”