TV – a couple of chances to get on the telly !

I’ve been contacted by email from the production companies below offering the chance to get on TV. Are you up for it?


Are You a Dog Lover?
Do you have a challenging condition or disability?
Could you give a rescue dog a permanent home?
Have you ever considered that a dog could transform your life?
We Need You!

This primetime Channel 4 series will see abandoned dogs trained to become high functioning super-pets, able to enrich the lives of people in need.

Rescue DogsRescue Dogs to Super Dogs will pair homeless dogs with people who have a physical, psychological or neurological disability or condition. With the help of expert dog trainers these dogs will not only find a home and a purpose but will change their new owner’s lives for the better.
Hundreds of dogs are abandoned in the UK every day, but with the right home and the right training they could change your life.

If you are interested in finding out more about this potentially life changing opportunity then please get in touch by calling: 0117 3072307
or email:


We’re looking for home bakers to take part in the seventh series…

Can you bake a technically perfect tart, an exceptional celebration cake or a beautifully plaited bread?
Do you fancy putting your skills to the test? Or do you know someone who might?

Great British Bake OffTo find out more contact us:
or download an application at

Deadline for applications is midnight Sunday10th January 2016

To apply you must be over 16 on 1ST February 2016. As an ‘amateur baker’ your main source of income cannot come from commercial baking in a professional environment and you cannot have ever worked full-time as a baker or chef. You cannot have acquired any formal NVQ or other professional catering qualifications in the past 10 years.

“Would a dog help you? Or are you, or someone you know a cracking baker?”


‘Star’ in BENEFITS STREET – You won’t get paid!

The makers of  BENEFITS STREET racked up a £5.5million profit last year – and didn’t give a penny to it’s stars.

The production company is set to rake in even more when a second series of the poverty porn show goes out on Channel 4 latert his year.

But Barry Tomes, agent to series one star Deidre Kelly, said: “The company has made an obscene amount of money out of Benefits Street but not shared a single penny with the residents.

Benefits Street“They were nominated for an award and didn’t even tell the residents. They could have asked them to come to the ceremony and laid on a meal as a thank you.

“They just don’t care about the people involved once they have filmed their programme.”

Love Productions turned over £15million in 2014, with a £2million increase in profits on the year before. Producers werer slammed for cashing in on struggling occupants like young parents Mark Thomas and Becky Howe of James Turner Street, Birmingham, for entertainment value.

One commentator described it as “medieval stocks updated for the modern format” but that hasn’t stopped Channel 4 commissioning a second series set in Stockton-on-Tees in North East England.

Labour MP Austin Mitchell said: “There’s money in it. Love productions made big profits last year.

“That’s easily done by demonising the poor to stir the anger of an audience which sees them enjoying beer, drugs and huge flat-screen tellies, all, they feel, at their expense.”

Mr Mitchell accused Channnel 4 of abandoning its reputation for innovative shows. He said: “This is a nasty reversal of the channels previously progressive and stimulating role.”

Richard McKerrow and wife Anne Beattle run Love Productions, whose portfolio includes such documentaies as Make Bradford British and Underage And Having Sex.

The company also produces The Great British Bake Off.

Last night a spokesman said: “We’re very proud of our documentary series such as Benefits Street, though in reality they represent only a small part of our output.

Payne. W 2015 The Sun 19th March 2015 P.31

“We should thank Channel 4 for showing documentaries which highlight concerns regarding the wellbeing of our society. That being said, was a better deal appropriate for the ‘stars’ of Benefits Street?”