We’re Now Living 6 Years Longer

life expectancy has increased by six years in a generation research has shown.

Global life expectancy at birth rose by 5.8 years for men and 6.6  for women between 1990 and 2013.

But UK women saw only a 4.4-year increase from 78.4 to 82.8  years. In high-income  regions, life expectancy had mostly been increased by falling cancer  and heart disease death rates, said the report.

There have also been dramatic increases in life expectancy in some low-income countries, experts found. In Nepal, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Niger, the Maldives, Timor-Leste and Iran, life expectancy increased by more than 12 years in the last two decades

Southern Africa was the only region experiencing the opposite trend, due to the scourge of HIV and AIDS. Their  lifespans have shortened by more than five years.

Certain causes of death were shown to have increased  around the world since 1990. They included liver cancer, drug use conditions, chronic kidney disease, sickle cell disease, diabetes and pancreatic cancer, the study in The Lancet medical journal found.

You Could Live Till Your 103

Half of Today’s children will live until the age of 103, meaning people will have to work for longer to support themselves, a major enquiry has concluded.
The rapidly-rising older population will have to learn to get by without relying on the help of young taxpayers, according to the report.
The House of Lords study – Ready for Ageing? – reveals the number of people over 85 will more than double between 2010 and 2030. And one expert told the inquiry that any baby born after 2007 has a one in two chance of living past 100.
But the number of people with three or mote long-term health conditions will rise by 50% between 2010 and 2018.
The report, by the House of Lords committee on public service and demographic change, said: Professor Sarah Harper of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing told the Daily Mail that if we us cohort life expectancy for the 2007-birth cohort, you can say that 50% of that cohort will still be alive by the time they are 103.
The population is ageing rapidly but the government and our society are woefully unprepared. Longer lives can be a great benefit, but there has been a collective failure for years to address the implications and without urgent action this great boon could and most probably will turn into a series of miserable crises’.
Based on Whitehall figures, the report said nearly 11 million people would need financial support when they retire.
It added: ‘It would be naive to think that this can simply come from taxpayer-funded resources’. That’s pretty obvious to anybody with an inkling of the mess we are getting into!!!.