21st century poverty: “I have £3.87 to my name”

“I just feel my son deserves so much better than a mum who can’t even provide”

Amy-Leigh is a mum from Oldbury. Like 14 million others in the UK, she lives in poverty.

In a heart-breaking thread on netmums, Amy-Leigh shared her experience of what it’s like to live in poverty in 21st century Britain.

Amy-Leigh said: “I’m so broke I don’t know what to do. I have £3.87 to my name till Friday next week.

Poverty in the UK

“We have no food in the house, and I need to top up the electric. I’m struggling to feed me and my son.

“I’ve googled food parcels and the nearest one is about seven miles away, and it would cost me £3.60 in bus fare.

“We’ve taken our TV to cash converters and got a tiny bit of money, which went on bills. I can’t ask my parents.

“It’s my niece’s birthday and I can’t afford a card. This is making me feel so ill.

“I feel like a complete failure as it’s my job to take care of my son and I can’t even do that.

“I just feel my son deserves so much better than a mum who can’t even provide. I’m a complete failure.

Amy-Leigh has since found help, got a crisis loan, and contacted a food bank.

However, many haven’t accessed the help available, don’t know it’s there, or are simply too proud to claim.

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Source: NetMums website Coffee House thread: I’m so broke I don’t know what to do

Iain Duncan Smith – We can see through him, he can’t !!

Hated Tory millionaire Iain Duncan Smith insists his attacks on benefit claimants are about helping them find jobs.

He denies any link between cutting off people’s only income for weeks or months and the growth of food banks.

His actions tell a different story. Duncan Smith has launched a trial run of putting job centre advisors in food banks.

IDSThis loveable chap knows what’s best for you !

Some 7,366 people were treated with malnutrition in England in the past year. Charity and church-run food banks have been integrated into the welfare state.

Unemployed, disabled and low-paid benefit claimants can only go with a referral from their GP, social worker or job centre advisor.

The threat of benefit sanctions already forces them to jump through endless hoops for the job centre. It creates stress and depression, but doesn’t help them find non-existent jobs.

Extreme food poverty was the dirty secret that forced claimants to comply. Now Duncan Smith is making it official.

In 1845 the revolutionary Frederick Engels called fear of unemployment the bosses’ “sharpest weapon”.

Those without work faced “starving, or freezing to death”. This horrifying poverty made every worker “the slave” of bosses.

Workers fought for a welfare state to blunt that terror. Duncan Smith is determined to bring it back.

Credits: Morning Star

“Yes, Dunc, your legacy is building nicely”