Fit for Work update

The Fit for Work advice service is designed to support people who have a health condition and are in work, and those who are currently on sick leave, return to work. Free, expert and impartial advice is provided by a team of
occupational health professionals.

The advice service went live at the end of 2014 and from 9 March 2015, GP referrals to the advice service commenced in Sheffield and the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health board area of Wales. Fit for Work advice will be available nationwide by autumn 2015.

Department of Work and PensionsEmployers in areas where GPs can already refer their patients for Fit for Work advice may start to receive Return to Work Plans. These provide recommendations and evidence of sickness, replacing the need for a fit note.

All employers nationally will be able to refer their employees to Fit for Work from autumn 2015, once GP referrals have been fully rolled out.

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“Will this advice service be of benefit or just another layer to add to an already unsatisfactory welfare system?”