Are your bills higher than average?

How much are the average water, energy and council tax bills?

In the last few years, bills of all sorts have risen sharply. Since 1989, water bills have risen above inflation by over 40%; energy bills have gone up by 10% in the last 12 months alone; and some local authorities can increase their council tax bills by up to 5.99% this year.

Paying Bills

However, while bills rise, many people are still over paying. Find out what the average bills in the UK and see if you are entitled to cut your costs.


  • The average household will pay £405 a year for their water and sewage services.

Water bills are expected to rise by 2% – £9 – for the 2018/2019 year. However, this does vary region by region across the UK.

Those living in the South East will find their average bill about £14 cheaper, while those living in the North West may be paying £18 more.

Find out what help is available with water bills


  • The average small household will pay £795 a year
  • The average medium household will pay £1,163 a year
  • The average large household will pay £1,639 a year
  • The average variable tariff is around £1,135 a year.

A small household has one or two bedrooms; a medium house has three; and a large house has four or more.

Often switching supplier is the simplest way to cut down your energy bill; and there are a range of schemes, safeguarding tariffs and other help available.

Find out what help is available with energy bills

Council Tax bills

  • Average band A is £1,061 a year
  • Average band B is £1,237 a year
  • Average band C is £1,414 a year
  • Average band D is £1,591 a year
  • Average band E is £1,945 a year
  • Average band F is £2,298 a year
  • Average band G is £2,652 a year
  • Average band H is £3,182 a year

While Council Tax bills vary considerably, millions should expect their bills to increase by £100 in 2018/2019, as 93% of councils plan to put up fees.

Additionally, other council services, such as burials and parking permits, are also expected to increase in cost.

Find out what help is available with Council Tax bills

Internet costs

  • The average broadband yearly bill is £336.12.

Using comparison sites is a quick and easy way to see if there are better prices available.

It is also worth checking you aren’t paying for more than you need. Are you paying for unlimited download usage when you use a lot less? It is always worth checking to compare.


‘Plumbers should report UK’s deadly-cold homes’ – Say Health Watchdog

Articles in several of the press today saying that a health watchdog is asking for plumbers and boiler engineers to report cold homes to the council to slash winter deaths.

Around 25,000 extra brits – many elderly – die during the coldest months of the year.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence wants workmen to call for help if properties are too chilly.

Advisers will then tell residents how to access cheaper energy bills, benefits or free insulation.

Experts want all council Health and Wellbeing boards to set up helplines. Hospitals and care home must also not send sick Brits back to unheated properties.

Central HeatingNICE’s Prof Gillian Leng said: “We must stop the revolving-door scenario where people are made ill by living in a cold home, go into hospital, but are discharged back to the cold home.”

Neil Scholfield of the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council said Britain has the worst quality housing stock in the western world and eight million annual plumbing visits were a “massive opportunity to identify the vulnerable and direct them to help”.

Age UK says cold housing costs the NHS in England £1.36billion a year and many endure ill-health because they can’t afford heating.

“Can’t argue with this idea. Cheap to implement – cheap to run (I think?)”