Kidz to Adultz Wales

Thursday, 7th July 9.30am – 4. 30pm
House of Sport, Clos Parc Morgannwg, Off Leckwith Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AZ.

Visitor’s FREE entry tickets available!
Do you know or work with children and/or young peole up to the age of 25 with disabilities or additional needs?
·         Are you a parent, carer, family member supporting a child or young person with a disability or additional need?
·         Are you a child or young adult with a disability or additional need?
 ·         Are you a professional working in this field?

Do you supply equipment or services to any of the above?

Disabled Living (one of the North West’s oldest disability charities and organisers of the Kidz to Adultz events) is delighted to add  Kidz to Adultz Wales to our exhibition’s portfolio. This FREE UK event is dedicated to supporting children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs up to the age of 25, their families, carers and all the professionals who support them.

Whizz Kids

Gain access to over 110+ exhibitors offering advice and information on funding for equipment, respite etc, information on mobility, seating, bathing, communication accessible vehicles, sensory, funding, services, transition, education, employment, housing, domiciliary care, sports, leisure and much, much more! View the exhibitors list by clicking the link below.

 FREE CPD and topical seminars. Topics include: manual handling, toilet training for children with additonals needs, behaviours that challenge; sleep issues, transition for those with Complex health needs; The Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Act and much more……

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Home Care Cuts – “Inhumane”

One of the main reasons there is such a crisis in hospitals is that a large number of elderly people are occupying beds because they can’t be sent home.

And the reason they can’t is that the home care system is collapsing.

There is terrible pressure on carers which leads to them having almost no time to spend with people in desperate need.

Gillian Demet has turned whistleblower because she thinks what is happening to care needs to be exposed.

She tells how she had just 15 minutes to look after each of her clients – 15 minutes in which she might, typically, have to get someone out of bed, undress them, wash them, dress them, make their breakfast, give it to them – and then dash off to do it all over again. And she worked 14 hours some days for the minimum wage.

Carer and ClientYet Gillian’s main concern isn’t the pressure she was under but the impact on her clients.

Incredibly, her boss at private care firm Sevacare, Ravi Bains, agrees with her about the inadequacy of the service. He says such short visits are unfair on carers  and those they are looking after.

Mr Bains is just as forthright in saying where the blame lies – with government cuts.

The amount spent on home care has plummeted by 25 per cent since the coalition came to power and will fall much lower if the Tories win the election.

David Cameron’s big campaign pitch is that we can’t afford to spend more. On the contrary, Prime Minister – we can’t afford to spend so little on some things, with home care at the top of the list.

This is an appalling way to treat the most vulnerable, needy pensioners.

“All of our health and care sectors are in crisis now – what on earth the future holds is anyone’s guess – but be prepared, it looks certain to get worse, if it ever gets better  –  ‘Care in the Community’, what was that?”

Sunday Mirror. 18/01/2015. P.14