Hospital boss – ‘urged women to pole dance and mime sex acts’

A change from the norm regards a tribunal hearing about a hospital director who told women staff he wanted them pole-dancing and miming lesbian sex acts.

Adrian Needham said he only employed women with “big  breasts” and made insulting remarks about maternity leave, it was claimed.

Mr Needham who worked as director and manager, made a string of racist and sexually inappropriate comments, the Nursery and Midwifery Council was told.

Henry Vallance, for the council, described Mr Needham’s behaviour at the Hamptons and Brookhaven mental health rehabilitation units in Bamber Bridge near Preston, Lancs, as “bullying, intimidating and inappropriate”.

He said: “Needham was employed by Optima Care as a hospital director, which consisted of two separate units – Brookhaven and the Hamptons.”

Mr Needham was suspended in March 2013 and later resigned. Mr Vallance added: “It is alleged that on numerous occasions throughout the course of his employment he behaved in an inappropriate manner.”

Mr Needham allegedly referred to one employee’s maternity leave as “******* off,” leaving her feeling “undervalued”. Mr Vallance said “It is alleged he would talk to female members of staff about pole-dancing and say ‘it would be nice to see you doing lesbian acts’ and saying he only employed girls with ‘big breasts’.”

Pole Dancer

Mr Vallance said Mr Needham directed his inappropriate behaviour particularly towards one employee, referred to as Colleague E – a young, female member of staff. He allegedly shouted at her and threatened to deduct her wages. When she challenged him, Mr Needham is accused of saying: “I can do it and I will do it.”

After an investigation, Mr Needham resigned and took up a new post but failed to tell his new employers that he had been referred to the NMC and resigned from this role in 2014.

Mr Needham denies charges of inappropriate, sexually inappropriate and racist behaviour. He further denies failing to inform Atos Healthcare about his referral to the NMC. The case continues.

Chapman, J Daily Express 21st April 2015 P.9

“This guy sound like a ‘real charmer’ “

Government responds to the independent review of PIP

Improving communications with claimants of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is just one of the recommendations from an independent review of the benefit that has been accepted by DWP.

Department of Work and PensionsPaul Gray was appointed to carry out the first of two independent reviews of PIP required by the 2012 Welfare Reform Act. Findings from the review were published in December 2014 and included 14 recommendations covering:

• Improving the claimant experience, particularly through clearer communications;

• Clarifying and improving the collection of further evidence to support assessments;

• Improving the overall effectiveness of the PIP assessment in delivering the policy intent.

DWP will respond in two stages. The initial response focuses on the review’s short-term recommendations, action that DWP is taking to address them and the wider work that is being done to support PIP claimants through the process.

Significant improvements have already been made to claimants’ experience of the PIP process, the delivery of the benefit and the length of time it takes to process individual claims.

The department has worked closely with the independent assessment providers, ATOS and Capita, to quadruple both the number of health professionals and decisions that were made each month during 2014.

DWP continues to work alongside disabled people and their representative organisations, particularly the PIP Implementation Stakeholder Forum Improvement Working Group, to consider its response to Paul Gray’s recommendations.

DWP intends to provide a full response to address the medium and long-term recommendations in due course. These require further consideration due to their broad scope and wider implications. This includes the recommendation by the Smith Commission to devolve disability benefits in Scotland.

The Government’s response to the PIP independent review is available at Focus on Disability

DWP – Touchbase March 2015

“All the reviews and rhetoric from Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP won’t help our vulnerable disabled people and those who had to find the ‘ultimate’ course of action to avoid the welfare reforms damaging effects.”