New opportunities for disabled people at Channel 4!

I hope you are well. A quick introduction, my name is Yasmin and I am the new 4Talent Coordinator at Channel 4!

I wanted to get in touch as we have some fantastic opportunities open at the moment, and I wanted to ask if you could kindly distribute them amongst your organisation and the people you work closely with. I will put details below, but please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Production Training Scheme

 12 month placement opportunities available amongst a variety of independent production companies across the UK in cities such as Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow. There are 16 spaces available, and two streams to apply for, a Researcher and Production Coordinator. The scheme is particularly aimed at people with disabilities, from BAME communities or disadvantaged backgrounds  – because these groups are currently underrepresented in the television industry, which is something we want to change. This is a paid opportunity, and an entry level role for those with less than 12 months experience in production.

Applications are open until the 4th June.

More info and how to apply can be found here:

Channel 4 Talent

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Channel 4’s fantastic Production Training Scheme is now open for you to apply! Visit for more info!

Pop Ups – Apprenticeships

We will be on the road in June to talk to people about apprenticeship opportunities at Channel 4 in different departments such as Sales, HR, and IT for example. This will be a day filled with networking, workshops and opportunities to ask our current apprentices lots of questions! We will be in London on the 21st June, Manchester 29th June and Glasgow 6th July.

Applications are open until 28th May.

To apply visit:

Example posts for social media (feel free to write your own!):

 Want to find out more about opportunities at Channel 4? Interested in apprenticeships? Then apply to attend the Pop Ups here:

Work Experience

We run 3 cohorts of work experience per year, each hosting 20 individuals in different departments around Channel 4 for a week! This is a fantastic entry level opportunity to get a taster of Channel 4. We also pay all travel, lunch and accommodation costs (if necessary) to allow more people to take part!

Cohort 1: 17th – 21st July

Cohort 2: 23rd – 27th Oct

Cohort 3: 27th – 1st Dec

Applications for Cohort 1 will open on the 18th May, more info can be found here:

Please note individuals must be 18+ to apply for our opportunities above.


As mentioned, if you do have any questions on the above please do let me know!

Many thanks,

Yasmin Mehmet
4Talent Coordinator

Benefits Charade – Linking Welfare Cuts to Apprenticeships!

The Guardian writes that one of the most insidious myths about “welfare” – an Americanism that has come to supplant the more descriptive “social security” – is that it is a lifestyle choice.

It is a politically useful myth , too, because it implies that every individual and family in the country has the choice of relying on benefits or getting a job. And if that is the case, then no one can ever get hurt because of cuts to benefits just because they can always get a job instead. Even now, with record numbers of jobs being created, it is not the case in all parts of the country all the time.

During the recession, Britain’s unemployment soared and benefit payments went up not because everyone suddenly got lazy or because the handouts were so much more generous (quite the reverse), but because the economy went into reverse. People who lost their jobs did not make a lifestyle choice to hang around at home all day watching television, and it is an insult to suggest it.


Shamefully, then, the Prime Minister has done his bit to perpetuate the myth of welfare scroungers with his latest policy announcement – a new, lower cap on benefits, £23,000 a year rather than the current £26,000. He has linked this, craftily enough, with increased funding for apprenticeships, which are one of politics “good things”, that no one disagrees with. The erroneous impression is that they are linked in some way, a ludicrous notion. Besides, these families concerned never see the £23,000 in cash – the great majority of it goes in rent, and the reason rents are so high is because of the housing shortage, again a direct result of chronic under-investment in social housing.

Every element of Mr Cameron’s latest wheeze is cynical. He also wants to take housing benefit from 18 to 21-year-olds. Even for an election campaign this is crude stuff. When he became leader of the Tories, Mr Cameron pledged to help rather than hurt the poor. The latest measure suggest he thinks the poor don’t decide elections. The pity is, he may be right.

“Our Government IS a charade – pandering the “alright jack’s, cowing to to the EU,  and literally knocking years off the lives of disabled and poor people through monetary worry.”