Surgeon used alcoholic’s kidneys

A SURGEON has disclosed how he alone made a decision to use kidneys from a rough-sleeping alcoholic for transplants.

Recipients, father-of-six Darren Hughes, 42, and new grandfather Robert Stuart, 67, were kept in the dark by the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff about the lifestyle of their donor and subsequently died, an inquest heard. Consultant Argiris Asderakis, 51, admitted that he took a calculated risk in using the kidneys of the 39-year-old alcoholic who died from meningitis.

The Cardiff inquest heard the kidneys given to Mr Hughes and Mr Stuart were infected with an extremely rare parasitic worm. Transplant expert Mr Asderakis said, however, that there was no way he could have known.

He added: “I found out after their deaths. Not just me but the whole unit are distraught. Nobody could have predicted it.”

He said transplant operations using “high risk” organs occur every day.

Dixon. C.  Daily Express 20/11/14. p. 2

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