Starve to Death on the NHS

The Sunday Express disclosed yesterday that at least  1,165 people have starved to death in NHS hospitals over the last four years. Also, figures show that for every patient that dies of malnutrition about four more have dehydration mentioned on their death certificate.

Food and drink are often placed out of reach of vulnerable patients and taken away untouched because nurses are too busy to help them eat. Buzzers were also being ignored. No wonder charities last night demanded urgent action to cut the shocking death toll.
Dianne Jeffrey, chairwoman of the Malnutrition Task Force, said, “Too many are paying the price with their lives while being deprived of the basic right to good nutrition, hydration ands support”.

Dr Tim Bowling of the charity BAPEN, which raises awareness of malnutrition said the figures from the Office for National Statistics were an underestimate ( I bet he’s dead right there).

In 2011 as many as 291 patients died in a state of severe malnutrition and 43 starved to death. In the same period the number of patients discharged from hospital suffering from malnutrition doubled to 5,558 more than a 100 a week.

Numerous legal cases have occured through the families seeking justice over what is criminal neglect or should be treated as such as the NHS has a “DUTY OF CARE” – hasn’t it?. Going into a system to get help for a health issue and dying from another unrelated one beggars belief, but it’s happening day in day out in the UK.

The NHS has for decades now been trying to improve patient care, but only worsened and worsened the situation because it’s been forever asking staff to justify their work through paperwork and evermore bureaucracy. This has simply destroyed a profession that should be hands on with patients far more than pen pushing and a 100 metre sprint to free up a bed to add someone else to the production line!.

Leading doctors have expressed deep fears that the government will privatise large parts of the NHS by stealth. Of course they will, because putting out a tender for any service in itself is a money saving action and this government is hell bent on doing that – it’s got to, the UK is skint.

A leaked letter from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to health minister Lord Howe reportedly reveals concerns about the danger of creeping privatisation.

A new (another) NHS system is to begin on April 1st 2013 with 212 GP-led clinical commissioning groups given control of £60billion worth of health spending.

The academy which represents most of the country’s 220.000 doctors, fears that the new rules will put GP groups under pressure to put almost all services out to tender than keeping them within the NHS.

In a letter reported in a Sunday newspaper, the academy’s chairman Professor Terence Stevenson said healthcare would be disrupted because of the “time consuming, disruptive and unecessary tendering process.

After the shocking and  eye opening Stafford Hospital debacle should you be unduly concerned with the above – If not then you are perhaps living on a private island in the Bahamas!.

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