Skint Hospitals Handed £511

Emily Ashton writing in The Sun has reported that emergency bailouts for cash strapped hospitals almost doubled to £511nillion last year amid soaring demand for A&E

The cash was handed out to 31 NHS trusts in 2013-14 to stop them going bust – up from £263million given to trusts the year before.

A report by the National Audit Office warned that this “growing financial stress” was not sustainable – sparking fears for patient care and safety.

More than a quarter of all NHS trusts in England – 63 out of 245 – were in the red in April this year, up from 25 in 2013. They amassed a £743million deficit in 2013-14 up from £297million in 2012-2013.

Margaret Hodge, chair of the powerful Public Accounts Committee called the report “deeply alarming” and said the future of the NHS was at risk.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said ministers had lost control of NHS Finances.

Meanwhile a separate report by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine said record numbers of patients are being admitted to hospital via A&E – up 72 percent between 2001 and 2011.

If demand for services, with decreasing resources and mainly rhetoric from government, the future provision of healthcare for our society is continuing to look very worrisome.

The NHS is sick and there’s no medicine coming from the cabinet!.

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