Purge on addicts and the obese – ‘benefits crackdown’

The benefits of drug addicts, alcoholics and the obese could be slashed if they refuse treatment.

David Cameron has personally ordered a sweeping review of the system to find ways to cut handouts to people because of health conditions linked to their own behaviour.

Around £500million a year of  taxpayers’ cash goes to about 100,000 claimants who could conquer their conditions with help.

Mr Cameron has instructed Professor Dame Carol Black, an expert in welfare policy, to examine the benefit system and find new incentives to make jobless junkies, alcoholics and binge eaters get jobs.

Her review is intended to lead to plans for a crackdown on claims which will come into force after the election in May if Mr Cameron returns to downing Street.

The Tory leader said yesterday that he had asked Professor Black “to consider whether people should face the threat of a reduction in benefits if they refuse to engage with a recommended treatment plan”.

He added: “too many people are stuck on sickness benefit because of issues that could be addressed but instead are not.

“Some have drug or alcohol problems but refuse treatment. In other cases people have   problems with their weight that could be addressed but instead a life on benefits instead of work becomes the choice. It is not fair to ask hardworking taxpayers to fund the  benefits of people who refuse to accept the support and treatment that could help them back to a life of  work.”

Professor Black, chairman of the Nuffield Trust, which researches health and social policy, said: “I am deeply interested in trying to overcome the challenges these types of benefits pose. These people, in addition to their log-term conditions and lifestyle issues, suffer the  great disadvantage of not being engaged in the world of work, such an important feature of society.”

Recent figures revealed that 75,000 people are signed of work because of conditions related to drink or drug abuse. In one case a  man who lay in bed drinking 12 cans of lager a day won  the right to sickness benefit.

Nearly  £30million a year is spent on benefits for more than 7,000 people who are obese. Sickness claimants are paid  up to £108 a week – more than jobseekers get.

John O’Connel, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “The benefit system must be a safety net, not a comfort blanket and that means ensuring their are incentives for individuals to take responsibility for themselves and get back into work.”

Hall. M  2015. Daily Express 14.02.2015  P. 2

“Our PM appoints a Prof to try and save a few quid when the support services that help these people have been decimated and are in constant flux and turmoil. ” 

2 thoughts on “Purge on addicts and the obese – ‘benefits crackdown’

  1. Thanks for commentating Dave. You could see this rotten mess we’re in coming years ago. The Government should be telling us about what it’s going to do to bring money into the country, not trying to rectify a cash shortage by hitting deserved and vulnerable people via a flawed system.

  2. They stopped my money apart from dla because I can go out in my chair alone. That meant I could havd a full time job and no longer qualified for benefits. I went to the jib centre and was told go away. We will pay your stamp but dont come bsvk there are no jobs for someone with your disabilities.
    If I was a big fat lump a junkie or sn alchi id get mobey thtown at me. Now my wife and kid have left me and I have nothing to pay bills with. So what do I do start drinking and smoking crack? Or eat myself to 39 stone
    its a f**king disgrace how this government treats people who are physically disabled.
    You think they will pay for a funeral? Its not like ive much to live for anymore when everyone tells you that your not of any use.
    Thank you the government of the UK

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