Pensioners Subject to More Charges

A report released by the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care is another craven attempt to take money from Britain’s pensioners.

The commission, established  by the King’ Fund charity, said that “all pensioners are no longer poor pensioners”. They want the introduction of universal charges that would also hit the elderly including billing for hospital stays and doctor’s appointments. Other measures put forward include an end to free bus passes, free prescriptions and free TV licences.

We can only hope these ideas are never implemented. Pensioners have contributed to the system their whole lives and deserve free and easy access to all of the services that they need.

Charging anybody, let alone some of the most vulnerable and deserving people in society, for use of the health service is a betrayal of them.

There are “hard choices” to be made but these recommendations are not the right ones. Britain’s elderly are increasingly seen as a soft target for those who want to cut public spending. Imposing misery on millions of pensioners is a harmful and immoral way of trying to balance the books.

The doom and gloom continues. There’s getting less and less to target and the vulnerable will pay the heaviest penalty.

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