Paramedic Shops in M&S while Collapsed Man Waits!!

An Elderly man who had collapsed had to wait for 20 minutes in an ambulance while a paramedic went shopping in Marks and Spencer, a care standards tribunal heard.

Dominic Colella is also said to have delayed a patient with a head injury from being taken to hospital by between five and ten minutes so he could have his hair cut.

Colella who has resigned from the London Ambulance Service, faces two counts of misconduct with the Health and Care Professional Council.

ParamedicA panel heard how in March 2013 Colella was responding to a 999 call after an 85-year-old man collapsed. Paramedic Yvonne Purves said Colella disappeared, leaving her with the patient, then returned with two bags of shopping and said: “Do you want to go to hospital then?”.

In the second incident, Colella is said to have left a less-qualified colleague to treat a patient for a head injury outside a hairdressers.

Paramedic Donna Blair, who was first on the scene, was handing the patient over to the colleague when she “looked to my left and saw Dominic in the hairdresser’s chair with a lady putting a cape around his neck”.

The Hearing Continues.

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“Looks like this guy hasn’t a ‘leg to stand on’.”

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