Osborne gives welfare cuts warning – Whats new?

Andrew Grice writes in The Independent – George Osborne prepared the ground for £12bn of welfare cuts in his budget next month by warning that Britain’s spending on it is “unsustainable”.

The Budget, March 2015Deputising for David Cameron at Prime Ministers’s Questions for the first time – leading to his appearance being dubbed a “job interview” – the chancellor revealed new treasury figures showing that “we have got 1 per cent of the world’s population, 4 per cent of its GDP, but we undertake 7 per cent of the world’s welfare spending”.

Mr Osborne said: “This country faces a very simple choice… We can either carry on on a completely unsustainable path or we can continue to reform welfare so that work pays and we give a fair deal to those on welfare and indeed a fair deal to the people, the taxpayers of this country, who pay for it.

“The witch hunt continues as this week, in Scotland,  figures show a rise in disability hate crime. Cameron and his cronies dupe the populus to believing spending on welfare is a scourge on the nation whilst deflecting issues that really need Governmental attention and public awareness – they are abominable”

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