NHS Tax Dodgers ‘Sacked’

The NHS has sacked 79 bureaucrats after a government probe into tax-dodging.

The Treasury have revealed today that the suspects who were employed in 2013 – 2014 could not prove they were “meeting their tax obligations”.

The TreasuryTwelve staff at the Department for Environment, two at the Office for National Statistics and one at the British Library have also been fired.

Also, the Ministry of Defence has been fined £1million and the Department for Health £470,000 for failing to follow Treasury’s advice on “off payroll” wages.

Many public sector employees and contractors ask for wages to be paid to so-called service companies that can help them avoid tax.

Treasury Secretary Dannny Alexander, who led the probe, said: “People cheating the tax system is no different than people cheating the benefits system. It’s plain wrong.”

Hawkes. S 2015 The Sun 05/03/2015 P.6

“One asks the question – Of the 79 sacked, were any responsible for tax evasion tactics that held criminal accountability and have they faced court proceedings and has the loophole of using ‘service companies’ been closed?”

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