NHS has spent £1.8bn on redundancies

Ian Johnston writes in The Independent – Some £1.8bn has been spent on NHS staff redundancy pay-offs since the Government’s restructuring of the health service, according to new figures.

More than 44,000 people have been laid off in the last five years with some 5,500 re-employed by the NHS in another job. Some were given severance payments in excess of £200,000, Sky News reported.

National Helth ServiceThe shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham, who is standing for labour leader, told the broadcaster: “Today the figures hit a new high – £1.8bn wasted. And what are doctors to make of this?  No wonder morale in the NHS is rock bottom. This was a reorganisation that didn’t need to happen. They’ve thrown money at redundancies, given people pay-off cheques like confetti at the NHS at a time when we’re not doing right by the staff of the National Health Service.”

A Department of Health spokesman insisted the restructuring had saved “far more than expected at £6.9bn and cost less than originally estimated”.

“And the issues will keep coming – The NHS is like a boxer on the ropes knowing only the bell will save him “


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