New measures to speed up PIP claims process

The DWP has improved all parts of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claims process to make sure that claimants who are entitled to the benefit are paid as quickly as possible.

The two PIP assessment providers, Atos Healthcare and Capita Health and Wellbeing, have taken on more health professionals and administrative staff and have opened new assessment centres so they can increase the number of assessmentsthey do.

DWP has also introduced new guidancefor assessment providers to support them to increase the proportion of cases that are assessed from paper evidence, reduce the length of assessments and ensurethat DWP’s decision makers are givenquality advice.

In addition, the assessment report form has been redesigned so it is easier to complete and review and is better focused on the decision making process. The PIP IT systems have also been improved.

These changes are already having an effect. Both providers have more than doubled the number of assessment reports they are returning to DWP each month and this is expected to continue to increase over coming months.

DWP’s decision-makers have also more than doubled their output since April 2014. Extra resources have been put into this area to clear the growing number of assessment reports that providers are returning.
By the end of the year it is anticipated that no one will be waiting longer than 16 weeks for a PIP assessment.

The first experimental official statistics on PIP were published by DWP in June 2014 and a subsequent release was published in September 2014. Both documents are available at Personal Independence Payment statistics – GOV.UK

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