Mother Blasts “Twitter trolls” – Joking About Her Boy’s Cancer

The mother of a little boy who is battling cancer has blasted Twitter trolls for mocking her son’s illness.

A photo of 23-month-old Riley Hoult, who is having chemotherapy, was copied and used as the profile shot on @funny_cancer, which posted vile messages.

Riley’s mum, Sophie, 20, said: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting. Can you imagine all those families that have had people die of cancer.

“It’s awful. They are sick in the head.”

Riley was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in November and Sophie, from Middleton, Leeds, has been sharing his story on Facebook and at @Rileysjourney.

the troll’s account was suspended after complaints to Twitter. Ashley Gilkes tweeted to @funny_cancer: “Cancer is not funny and neither are you.”

“I Can only agree totally with what Sophie has said”

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