Mobility Scooter Insurance – Should it Be Compulsory? Government Petition Launched

Mobility scooter insurance, although greatly recommended, is still an optional extra in the UK. As with many optional extras, many scooter users decide to forgo the expense of insurance, often to their detriment.

With stories of theft, vandalism and accidents involving mobility scooters an almost daily occurrence at the moment, online mobility equipment resource Help My Mobility decided to petition the government to make scooter insurance a legal requirement in Britain.

Help My Mobility’s director, Jason Tate, explains why;
“A mobility scooter accident or theft is always going to cause a great deal of anguish and misery, but that anguish and misery is increased when the party involved is uninsured,” he said.

“It’s not unheard of for people to lose their homes due to legal costs after a collision, and stories of people being left housebound after the theft or vandalism of their scooter are all too common in the UK. This is why we feel that compulsory mobility scooter cover is a must.”

The petition follows on from a poll, hosted on the Help My Mobility site, which gauged popular opinion of mobility scooter insurance. Of 231 people surveyed, 71% said that they were in favour of compulsory scooter insurance.

To view the petition and to lend your support by signing, visit

Your comments and thoughts on this issue would also be much appreciated.

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