Minister Demands Firms Take On Disabled Workers

Every British business should take on a disabled person for work experience in 2015, a Minister has demanded.

The call from Minister for Disabled People Mark Harper is backed by a host of top firms including Virgin and easyJet.

It is part of a Government drive to encourage employers to hire workers with disabilities.

One in five Brits has a disability. Official figures show there are 265,000 more disabled people in work this year than last.

Mr Harper said this was “excellent news” but “still not good enough”.

He added ” If every business gave someone with a disability a work placement next year then hundreds of thousands of people would get the experience they need”.

“Employers could see for themselves the talent and drive of disabled people.” Some 46.2 per cent of disabled people were in work in September.

All job market issues in the UK need  re-evaluating. Employment figures can be made to look good. They can’t, however, hide the fact that there aren’t enough “proper” jobs in industry and commerce.

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