Justice for 91 year-old – Locked Up in Dementia Unit

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4 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    I have known of a couple of cases where someone in receipt of support and or care was deemed to have no choice in where they were moved to, …. one person was in a locked care home despite saying to a relative repeatedly that she wanted to return home and he was unable to help her achieve this but tried and it cost him a lot in solicitors and legal fees etc… it is scary because the average person does not have the knowledge of the system or finances to fight big local authorities on their own… and local authorities are becoming less personal and working in a manner which is more faceless and focusing on the cheapest and best option for the masses???

  2. fabbo123 says:

    Hi Heather – thank you for your comment. I think you expanded on the post’s last paragraph very well. Also, there are ‘timeframe’ issues as the post demonstrates.

  3. jillda says:

    I think the case was more complicated than the gentleman just wanting to return home; his family were against his return, therefore the wishes of the family overrode the wishes of the gentleman. Heather is right, county councils are faceless, a fine and a telling off from a judge does not quite cut the mustard as, nobody is accountable for their actions and the fine is paid out of the public purse. The social workers remain anonymous, unlike healthcare professionals and police who get it wrong. Jillda

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