Invisible Hearing Aids Here!

The hearing aid that thousands have wanted is now available.

SoundLens is the world’s first totally invisible hearing aid when worn. Nobody can see it because it fits snugly and comfortably right in the second bend of your ear canal and uses the user’s natural acoustics for natural sound quality.

SoundLens is a completely new concept in hearing help and compensates for your individual hearing loss. Everything works automatically. There are no controls to worry about so there’s no need to keep fiddling about and adjusting settings.

You can start enjoying life again as you concentrate on hearing rather than thinking about your hearing aid.

When speech and conversation sounds are detected the sound is automatically increased at different frequencies so you hear and understand it clearly even in background noise.

SoundLens continuously analyses incoming sounds and adapts to each individual situation so you aways get the best hearing possible.

You get all the benefits you want in  digital hearing aid without the visual stigma that comes with one as it’s completely invisible in most ears.

To see if SoundLens is the hearing aid for you phone Hidden Hearing on 0800 740 8686 or visit

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