Independent Living Fund to close

The latest in the assault on disabled people by this goverment is plans to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF). This provision from the Disability and Carers Directorate of the DWP provides discretionary cash payments directly to disabled people so they can purchase care from an agency or pay the wages of a privately employed Personal Assistant (PA) .  It also enabled severely disabled people to live in the community and not in a care home. Disabled people with abilities and potential through this funding gained pyschological benefit as well as actively contributing to the economic and cultural values of our society. This plus the funding loss when DLA changes to PIP is not surprising as our “welfare state” is being dismantled. The country has no money (apart from the Treasury) and it all stems from a lack of investment in manufacturing and the inability to change our industrial, political and social structure. We stood still for far too many years with internal wrangling allowing industry and thus income drift eastward.  

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