Increase in complaints against doctors

The General Medical Council (GMC) has said that complaints against doctors since 2009 has risen dramatically. There has been a 23%  rise in the last year. There were 8,781 in 2011 compared to 7,153 in 2010.
The highest amount of accusations were made about
 Male doctors
 Older doctors.
In the specialities the highest amount were against
Grievances were mostly about treatment plans and investigation skills, but there was also a large number of objections about effective communication and respect for patients. These figures may not necessarily mean a fall in medical standards and could be that expectations are higher and people are far more likely to complain than in the past. Hopefully these complaints will keep the GMC diligent in it’s monitoring of standards and improving them as the levels of NHS health care and caring in general in the UK is a prominent topic.

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