Iain Duncan Smith to Pay Back £130million in Benefits

I bet Iain Duncan Smith is not a happy bunny as he faces having to pay £130million in benefits to people who wrongly had their cash stopped after refusing to work for free.

The High Court yesterday ruled that a retrospective law he rushed in was illegal

Graduate Cait Reilly had challenged having to work for free at a Poundland store.

When the Supreme Court said she should have been told she risked losing benefit, the Work and Pensions Secretary brought in the emergency law.

But Mrs Justice Laing said it was incompatible with European Human Rights.

Lawyers acted for Ms Reilly said: “This case is another massive blow to this Government’s flawed and tawdry attemps to make poor people on benefits work for companies who already make massive profits, for free.

“I call on the DWP to ensure that the £130million unlawfully withheld from the poorest of our society is now repaid.”

The department said it would appeal. It said: “We disagree with the judgement on the legislation. It was discussed,, voted on and passed by Parliament.”

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