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  1. S MOORE says:

    I tried very hard last year to get a replacement boiler asmine is 30 plus years old..went through the epcs from 3 seperate companies and was quoted for replacement boiler under the affordable warmth scheme prices from £500 to £1,800.I am disabled and on means tested benefits..where the hell do these companies think people living on benefits have this sort of money as their ” CONTRIBUTION”??? All that was achieved was my details sold to various contractors ie the EPC companies..when the EPC is available online they each had to come do one!! They then only quote you for a standard boiler fitting it to existing OLD tank and fittings so leaks would be likely in the future and putting a new boiler on a old tank which is probably full of limescale…all in all i was left feeling extremely let down as I have long term health problems including COPD and asthma.I already have cavity wall insulation and loft insulation they told me this went against me as a applicant as due to this my contribution will be higher…my personal experience of the scheme and a whole year wasted with N power,EON and “Find energy savings” each one selling on your data to their associates to do EPC and boiler checks then coming back to be with a ridiculous sum for contribution…I accept a small contribution is in order something like £200 maybe but £400 £800 and £1800???seriously???? for someone who is on benefits it was such a let down and wasted my time and just used me to sell on my data! IT IS AN OUTRAGE to anyone who IS disabled living on benefits and with a 30 yrs old boiler.I am disgusted with the way i was treated!!

  2. ajay kumar says:

    very informatory and knowledge related blog for me as well as for many other like me.. keep it up..

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