GP’s working in hospitals ‘may reduce A&E burden’

Another post regarding the NHS I’m afraid – no apologies for this.

On a similar vein to what has been muted for some time, the head of the NHS in England has said today hospitals could employ their own GP’s to relieve the huge pressure on surgeries and A&E

Simon Stevens has told the Royal College of GP’s at their conference in Liverpool: “The corner shop model of care is past it’s use-by date”.

“We need to tear up the model where family doctors were organised separately from hospital specialists and patients with chronic health conditions are increasingly passed from pillar to post”.

He has also announced a £5million fund for GP’s to help diagnose dementia.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt was heckled yesterday by angry delegates. He told them a pilot scheme for seven-day 8am to 8pm access to GP’s was “working”. But several interrupted and shouted: “No, its not”.

GP numbers are not increasing and the attempts and ideas at present to give better access to them will not work. It doesn’t take ‘rocket science’ to understand this.

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