Generous welfare systems ‘DO NOT’ create a culture of dependency

People are actually more keen to work under generous welfare systems, a major Europe-wide study has found, and they do not create a culture of dependency.

The research, released by the British Sociological Association and published in the journal Work, Employment and Society, comes as all major parties indicate they want to reduce spending on benefits.

Get a Job Survey responses from 19,000 people in 18 European countries, including the UK, indicated that the sums spent on welfare had a positive impact on people’s desire to find work.

Dr Kjetil van der Wel and Dr Knut Halvorsen examined responses to the statement “I would enjoy having a paid job even if I did not need the money” and compared the responses with the amount the country spent on welfare benefits and employment schemes.

The sociologists, based at Oslo and Akershus University College in Norway, found that the more a country paid to the unemployed, disabled people or sick, and invested in employment schemes, the more likely its people were to say they would enjoy a paid job – whether they were in work or not.

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“Do you think this Government or the next will be taking this revelation into account when planning their welfare spending?”

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