Gastric band mum now wants boob job on NHS

A woman who had £23,000 of weight-loss surgery on the NHS now wants a boob job funded by the taxpayer.

Beckie Lawton – who weighed 30 stone at her heaviest – had a £9,000 NHS gastric band op in 2012.

The mum of two, 44, shed 18 stone and then last month had tummy tuck surgery costing £14,000.

Now she is applying to the NHS for an operation to reshape her breasts as they have sagged since her dramatic weight loss. It would cost around £4,000 to have at a private hospital.

The supermarket warehouse worker, of Rugby, Warks, said: “I’ve lost the weight I wanted, but I need procedures to deal with the way my body has changed.

“I have worked since I was 15, paying tax and national insurance, so I have the right to have these operations.”

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