Drug Cash is Killing Cancer Care

Vincent Moss reports in the Sunday Mirror that cancer patients miss out on the most effective treatment because new drugs are being funded at the expense of replacing old radiotherapy machines, Labour has warned.

Almost one in five of the £1.4million NHS machines are more than a decade old.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said surgery and radiotherapy are responsible for 90 per cent of cancer cures, but their budget is being raided to cover an overspend on cancer drugs.

Mr Burnham added: “The Government’s failure to invest has left hospitals across England with out-of-date equipment unable to deliver modern treatment.”

Of 217 linear accelerator machines, 39 are overdue for replacement in accordance with NHS guidelines. Another 90 need replacing by 2016.

Labour plans a £330million Cancer Treatment fund for new kit if it wins the election.

Our NHS has multiple fractures,  can the edges ever knit together!

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