Doctors ‘Not guilty’ – Transplants Using Alcoholics Kidney’s

The verdict on the case regarding the Surgeon who used alcoholic’s kidneys (earlier post) for two transplants has been given.

Doctors were not to blame for the deaths of two patients who were given kidneys infected with parasitic worms a coroner has ruled.

Robert Stuart, 67, and Darren Hughes, 42, were told the organs had come from an alcoholic who died from meningitis.

But the kidneys were later found to be riddled with worms.

The two dads, of Cardiff and Bridgend, South Wales, died weeks after the transplants last year.

Recording a ‘narrative verdict’ (see below) , acting Cardiff coroner Christopher Wooley said the men “died from the unintended consequences of necessary medical intervention”.

A narrative verdict is a verdict available to coroners in England and Wales following an inquest. In such a verdict the circumstances of a death are recorded without attributing the cause to a named individual. Narrative verdicts were introduced in 2004.

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