Crisis of Old GP’s

I’m afraid it’s another worrying post regarding our crumbling NHS

Thousands of patients could be left without a GP because of a looming shortage.

A large number of UK family doctors are nearing retirement.

Unless drastic action is taken to replace them, patients could be left without a GP or be forced to travel miles to their nearest practice, the Royal College of General practitioners says.

At around 600 practices across the UK, mostly in England, 90% of GP’s are over the age of 60. But applications for GP training have dropped by around 15%.

What sort of previous and present governments have we had to give us a National Health Service that:

Has not addressed obvious issues that have been brewing for years.

When your quite ill, have to wait, in some case, two weeks for a GP appointment.

See your local accident unit close – leaving a trip of many more miles to the nearest one.

Have funding for outreach workers and other Care in Community services when your discharged from hospital or have long term needs slashed.

It’s in a mess and theres not going to be any improvement – unfortunate would be putting it mildly.

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