Care workers don’t get a living wage

Two thirds off all care workers in the UK are paid less than the living wage according to a study which calls for the Government to subsidise higher wages for the 930,000 care workers below that level.

Andrew Grice of The Independent reports that a year-long investigation by the Resolution Foundation think-tank found that paying a living wage to all 1.4 million care workers would cost about £1.4bn a year. But half the spending would be returned to the  Exchequer through higher income tax and National Insurance receipts and lower benefit payments.

CarerSuch a move would bring other benefits to society, the report argues. Lower staff turnover would cut recruitment costs and reduce the reliance on more expensive agency staff.

Those receiving care would benefit from greater continuity and better quality from a more stable and satisfied workforce.

The living wage is set at £9.15 an hour in London and £7.85 outside the capital.

“It’s hard to see how these employees, whose numbers will increase in future years, will ever be reasonably paid. Many sectors employ workers who may deserve better pay, but won’t get it even though we’re supposed to be a ‘wealthy nation’ – nothing changes!!”

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