Brassed Off

I’ve just finished watching the movie “Brassed Off” following the Grimethorpe Colliery Band and Grimthorpe’s struggle to cope with the closure of it’s pit during the demise of the coal industry in the mid eighties. 

Seen on it’s release in 1996 by some as a comedy parts of the film make reference to the huge increase in suicides that resulted from the end of the coal industry in Britain, and the struggle to retain hope in the circumstances.

A large part of the working class, eldery and disabled people are facing a situation today where it’s not just the loss of an industry but a future of impending austerity that threatens to disintegrate the whole cultural, security and wellbeing of the nation. Security boosts psychological health. Threaten this and continue to do so will lead to more and more tragedy, division and seclusion. There is nothing even simmering in the background to give the provision of decent jobs, care and health services any stability or real improvement in future years. It’s nothing new, it’s just that suddenly we find the screw having to be tightened which was and is inevitable.. 

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