Big Button Phones – For Disabled and Elderly People

I was asked recently to suggest some products disabled and elderly people had found useful for everyday living tasks. One of them was a big button phone.

Using the telephone to communicate with family and friends is of great importance, especially if you live alone and are housebound. If you find it difficult to use an ordinary phone because of vision, hearing, memory or dexterity impairments there may be a big button phone to help you.

There are big button phones with safety features such as panic and emergency alarms.

There are big button mobile phones.

Some phones have picture buttons for memory and cognitive impairments.

For people with severe hearing difficulties there are phones with a strobe light alert and pillow shaker to indicate an incoming call.

Although the specification given of the phone below makes it quite expensive, there are variously priced models with features giving assistance.

Big Button Phone

This big button phone, although expensive, is packed with features

The big button phone shown enables, in an emergency, the user to press an SOS button on the pendant or main telephone. The unit then dials the five selected contacts (family/friends) for help until a response is received. If the first number is busy (or on voice mail) it will dial the next pre-programmed number. When the call is answered an emergency message is played, then, two-way conversation is possible through the panic button or hands free on the telephone. The phone has a powerful hands free speakerphone for hearing issues, two direct memories, one SOS button and 10 two touch memories as well as the big buttons to assist with sight and dexterity impairments.

Consider a big button phone if you are disabled, elderly or have a friend or family member who is.

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