Benefits Streets Don’t Really Exist

Ed Riley of the Daily Star has reported that new research shows that areas of jobless scroungers like those depicted on TV’s Benefit Street don’t really exist.

Experts say so-called “welfare ghettos” of mass unemployment are a myth.

Even the most deprived parts of Britain have plenty of households where people work.

Researchers rubbished Government claims that young people had no interest in getting a job because generations before them had only ever raked in handouts.

They said the Channel 4 show, featuring James Turner Street in Birmingham, had fed false impressions of a culture of unemployment and benefit spongers blighting neighbourhoods.

The report comes as crews began filming the second series of the controversial documentary on the Tilery Estate in Stockton on Tees, Co Durham.

Professor Rod MacDonald of Teeside University led a research team in the most rundown areas of Middlesborough and Glasgow.

They found no evidence of a family where three generations had never worked for a living.

Professor MacDonald said “We selected areas with very high levels of worklessness. “Even with these extreme cases, the majority of local people of working age were not on unemployment benefits.”

This is all sounds good, however a more open appreciation of the nationwide extent of unemployment and disabled people including issues like discrimination and Atos doctors and the damage they can cause would be enlightening. Are we really that concerned about three generation ago?.

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