Benefit Claims to be capped at £23K

The Cap on benefits is to be slashed by £3,000 to  £23,000  a year, ministers will announce this week.

Thousands more families will see their benefits drop when the new lower limit comes into force. But cash saved will be pumped into providing  three million more apprenticeships for youngsters.

David Cameron decided to cut the cap as he launches a blitz on welfare dependency.

The PM will unveil a wave of measures including a ban on out-of-work youngsters claiming housing benefit.

Jobseekers’ allowance for 18 to 21-years-old will be replaced with a youth allowance – to stop if they fail to find work in six months.

The cap – started 18 months – saves taxpayers £2million a day. About 33,000 families who were getting over £26,000 a year in benefits saw their incomes drop. But Works and Pensions supremo Iain Duncan Smith says £26,000 – equivalent to £35,000 before tax – is still to high.

Workers in north-west Leicestershire earn an average £22,130 but keep only £17,866 after tax.

Mr Cameron has said that he wants to make sure young people are earning or learning and end the situation where they can finish school , leave home, sign on and get a flat with housing benefit too.

We don’t have a welfare state anymore  – we did not begin investing in are industrial heritage ( the residual wealth of our country) in the 50’s/60’s and watched exports reduce and imports increase over the years (never to claw it back).

This has lead to lost well payed jobs and tens of thousands of apprenticeships a year plus the ability to amply provide welfare in a modern world.

The government is trying to reform (years to late – “as always”) welfare in the UK and reduce NHS and community care budgets by ongoing cuts and slashes.

Support from the “cradle to the grave” – unfortunately a rough ride for many.

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