Atos Assessors and Disability Benefit Applicants

Interesting and not suprising  article on the Guardian website about a GP who applied for a job with Atos assessing whether benefit applicants were fit for work, and secretly filmed his training. It infers that Atos doctors are monitored to ensure they don’t find excessive numbers of claimants eligible for benefits. The Benefit involved is the  employment and support allowance (was incapacity benefit). The film shows how some trainers are uneasy about the eligibility criteria they teach new recruits as it is making some severely disabled claimants ineligible for the benefit. In the footage, one of the trainers admits during a session that the auditing process makes her feel uncomfortable. If you have severe disability you should get the benefit by right and not by a government engineered statistical crossbar. I think we’ve been with this scenario for a long time. Would be nice to know how many appeals over the years the Citizens Advice Bureau may have been involved in.
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