5 Steps to Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is frightening, debilitating and increasingly widespread. Famous musicians, chefs and many other people all suffer from this problem – it’s important that you learn how to cope with this problem so it doesn’t ruin your life.

 1. Get a hearing test

Even if you think that you have perfect hearing you should still get a hearing test. Practitioners at Hidden Hearing, for example, will be able to test your ears and help you should they detect the earliest signs of deafness. The world famous mezzo-soprano Janine Roebuck has started to suffer from this problem and she deals with it by lip-reading and ensuring that everyone around her is aware of the problem. She also wears a hearing aid and sings by sensation. The singer never listens to herself as this is considered a ‘bad technique.’


2. If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss – learn how to manage

There are certain ways that you can further protect your ears, even if you have been diagnosed with hearing loss. For example, it’s a good idea to steer clear of loud music. If enjoying music has become difficult it might be time to investigate the possibilities of having a hearing aid fitted. Other ways of detecting if your problem is becoming more severe are to monitor whether you keep on turning up the volume of the TV, or whether you’re finding it difficult to understand phone conversations.


3. Protect your ears from all loud noise

If you work in an environment where noise is excessive, then try and protect your ears. Construction sites can be extremely noisy places, so you should always ensure that you wear protective earplugs in order to minimise further damage to your hearing. Try and steer clear of noisy pubs or bars. They may be fun, but they’re not helping your hearing. You could always ask a bar owner to turn the music down.

4. Some foods can help you fight hearing loss

Prevention is always better than cure and a recent study published in the Daily Mail revealed that eating a diet rich in Omega 3 can help reduce the possibility of hearing loss. Some people suffer from hearing loss as a natural process of aging. Others may become aware that their hearing is deteriorating as a result of exposure to loud noise, including music. If you maintain a healthy diet you’ll be able to maintain an efficient flow of blood to your ears which will maintain your hearing for longer. The study claims that, ‘just two servings of fish a week can slash the risk of hearing loss by a fifth.’

 5. Stem cell technology may help

Stem cell technology is in its infancy but already scientists are developing new treatments involving this innovative science. An article in The Daily Telegraph reveals that you may be able to treat hearing loss brought on as a result of aging in the near future. The scientists are trying to discover if they can ‘grow new cells in the ear,’ to replace those that are damaged through age.

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