Doctors scorn reality TV – ‘The Undateables’

Jenny Cockerel – writes in The Star – Doctors have accused reality TV programme The Undateables of exploiting people with disabilities for entertainment.

The UndateablesDr Rachel Pickering claimed the Channel 4 show, which follows people who suffer from a variety of conditions as they try to find love, had left her “disturbed at being part of a society that might seek to view the disabled as comedy” at the British Medical Association’s annual meeting.

And her fellow BMA delegates voted “overwhelmingly” in favour of raising their concerns with the popular series’ producers.

“Why don’t the BMA leave this alone! – These kids are amazing and it’s only morons who will look at the programme negatively”

Immobilised man told to attend job centre – DWPs ‘True Colours’

The despicable, uncaring nature of the DWP, and they show their ‘true colours’ with another disgraceful incidence.

Ian Johnston writes in The Independent – A man with multiple sclerosis who cannot walk or feed himself and communicates by blinking was summoned to a job centre to discuss his benefits and getting a job.

Iain Duncan Smith

Duncan Smith – The DWPs “Witchfinder General”

Nick Gaskin, 46, from Quorn in Leicestershire, had been receiving disability living allowance for 16 years since he was diagnosed with the disease. The Leicester Mercury quoted a letter from Loughborough Jobcentre saying: “You and your personal adviser will discuss the possibility of going into paid work, training for work, or looking for work in the future.”

His wife Tracy Gaskin said: Nick communicates by blinking for yes and no. It is ludicrous to get a letter like this and to have to attend an appointment.”

The Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said it was going to “apologise for the misunderstanding”.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the Jobcentre staff in Loughborough don’t have a ‘bloody good laugh’ over it. The DWP is untouchable in it’s relentless hounding of vulnerable people, some of whom it has killed through its actions.”