Europe – £25.7billion Human Rights Bill Since 1998 – Must We be Part of this Farce?

Last year 99 per cent of almost 2,000 cases brought against the British government at the European Court of Human Rights were thrown out.

It is outrageous that the Government had to defend itself against so many completely spurious claims. What is more many of the claimants will have had their costs covered by legal aid meaning that taxpayers not only fund the Government’s legal fees but the claimant’s as well. As a result it has been estimated that the court has cost us £25.7billion since 1998.

European Court of Human RightsTime and again the ECHR has proved itself to be a boon for criminals. These include people who have complained that their prison is not close enough to their family or that they have not been given access to education while behind bars. People trying to avoid deportation are particularly adept at exploiting it. Even those who should promptly be removed from the country are able to use lengthy and complex machinations of the court to stay in Britain for as long as possible.

The ECHR’s supporters say that it stands up for fundamental human rights but that is simply not the case. It is a vehicle for criminals to frustrate the British judicial system. It is high time the Government removed us from the jurisdiction of this farcical institution.

“If we don’t know the true cost of our commitment to the EU how the hell can we make an informed decision, when we vote, if and when a referendum is held. The British public needs transparency over EU costs and if they aren’t available, they should be.

The issue above is just one of many where we are trapped by legislation scribbled out by a ” boy’s club” in Brussels who don’t live in the real world. An even sadder notion is that to get out of the EU may be so cost prohibitive it wouldn’t be worth it. The EU, while improving the lot of poorer member states, will continue to “bleed us dry”. It beggars belief. “

Princess Beatrice – Is She A “Benefit Scrounger”?

Princess Beatrice was blasted last night over claims she sponges a life of luxury off the taxpayer.

Princes Andrew and Fergie’s jet-setting daughter has been out of work since quitting her £20,000-a -year job in December.

Princess Beartice, Sarah Ferguson and Prince AndrewBut she still has a roof over her head  at the family’s 30-room Royal Lodge in the grounds of Windsor Castle, which is under constant guard.

Beatrice, 26, keeps a four-bedroom apartment in secure St Jame’s Palace. which Andrew – who has to rely on the Queen for an income – rents for a cut-price £20,000 a year.

The pad was refurbished with £250,000 of public money before Beatrice moved in as a student in 2008.

And since leaving her job at Sony Entertainment Pictures the Princess and boyfriend Dave Clark have enjoyed three luxury breaks abroad.

They kicked off in 2015 with a sunshine break in St~Barts after a trip to the £13million Swiss ski chalet bought by Andrew – himself dubbed Airmiles Andy due to his globetrotting habits – and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

After just a fortnight back inn the UK, Bea and her 32-year-old beau  went back to the exclusive Caribbean Island for a second dose of winter sun last week.

The royal was being compared to the Gallagher family from Channel 4’s Shameless and and benefits blogger Peter “Wadfather” Rolfe.

Graham Smith, head of campaign group Republic, blasted last night: “Beatrice is a royal scrounger. She has the HRH title and is living off the taxpayer by using subsidised housing. But she’s not putting the hours in so she shouldn’t be getting any money of the state.”

He added: “she either ought to pull her finger out or quit. Maybe it’s time she gave up her HRH and abandoned her subsidised apartments in the Palace.

“If she became a private individual and doesn’t need to work then that’s entirely up to her.”

Beatrice quit her job as a coordinating producer at the London office of Sony Entertainment Pictures weeks after hackers revealed details of her £19,500 salary. She was among thousands of staff who were targeted by a group thought to be linked to the North Korean government. The Princess,  who only joined Sony in January last year, still enjoyed plenty of breaks during her time with the media giant.

She took two more trips to St Barts and had holidays in Spain, France, New York and Memphis.

Boyfriend Dave is believed to earn a six-figure salary and Buckingham Palace insisted her travel was “entirely privately funded”.

She took leave in November to join her dad at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and raised eyebrows in June after hitching a lift with the Royal Navy to the Isle of White.

The Duke of York, 54 – who has been accused in the Virginia Roberts “sex-slave” scandal – was furious when Beatrice and her sister Eugenie, 24, were stripped of their taxpayer-funded 24-hour protection in 2012.

IT followed a review by Scotland Yard into the £50million bill to keep the Royal Family safe.

They now get police protection only on official royal engagements, while her father pays for the rest. Both Princesses are keen charity supporters and have carried out visits for the Queen. The Duke of York’s official website states: “Princess Beatrice works full time in business.”

A spokesman for 55-year-old Fergie also defended her daughter last night, saying: “Her key focus is her work.”

He added: “She will continue to be in business and balance that with her royal duties.”

“I’ll leave you with your own thoughts on this one! “

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