Ward tablets (iPad etc) are a life saver

Interesting report that death rates at two hospitals fell by more than 15% when nurses started using tablets and mobile phones instead of paper to record patients vital signs.

Research published 26.09.2014 shows “truly dramatic” results for the electronic system, which alerts staff if a patient is deteriorating.

At Queen Alexandria Hospital, Portsmouth it led to 397 fewer deaths than expected over a year and at University Hospital, Coventry, it was 372.

Dr Paul Schmidt said: “Paper charts were not doing the job well enough”.

Technology is always advancing and in fifty years time could the scenario occur where hospital wards are automated, virtually unstaffed with central controllers monitoring patients condition via a bank of computer screens!!.

Antibiotic fail rate hits 15%

The failure rate of antibiotics is rising as GP’s hand out too many of them researchers have recently warned.

The drugs were ineffective in treating 15.4% of four common infections in 2012, a study of 11 million prescriptions shows. The failure rate in 1991 was 13.9%.

Resistance to antibiotics is up alarmingly but GP’s “seldom” report it, according to a Cardiff University team.

Professor Craig Currie says: ” The growing ineffectiveness is very worrying”.

Many are used wrongly to treat mild infections experts say.

There has been concern over this issue for years and if the research is correct a major class of drugs are still having their potency to fight disease eroded.